Ask ­Gwendolyn…My girlfriend says she can wait for my release!

Dear Gwendolyn:

I have a lot on my mind. I need your help. This is the problem: I have a woman on the street that I’ve been with for over five years before I got locked up. I’ve been down four years now. In the last year a lot of stuff has happened. She told me she now has a baby. She said that she still wants to write to me and wants to be with me when I come home, which won’t be until 2019.


I don’t know what to do. I am having mixed feelings because I do love her. We have three kids together. I don’t want to be nasty toward her. I left her everything when I was locked up. I don’t know if I should get my sister to go get my cars. I also left her in control of my store. I left her in control because of my kids, but now it’s like there is someone else.


Gwendolyn, I don’t want to be nobody’s fool. I just need some good advice. I know you can help because you got me through my other problems. Thanks—Henry

Dear Henry:

Having your sister to take over your affairs would be good. Your friend is possibly in love with her baby’s daddy but finds it beneficial to manage the funds. Tell her, your sister will be giving the financial assistance from the funds. Make the transaction legally. Often money matters lead to danger.

Think about it. There are women who wait. After all, time moves so swiftly. But time seemingly goes slow when on a stormy night, a woman whose man is locked away can’t even get from him a hug or a kiss. That’s hard. Henry, continue having concern for your children, but it seems apparent you and your girlfriend are finished. However, you need to keep a rapport with her because of the children. No, I agree. Don’t be a fool. She has a baby so that proves maybe her heart can wait but her body can’t.

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