Cricket launches new music service

On June 14, Cricket Wireless officially released their new Muve Music, unlimited music downloading service to Pittsburgh. The event at Stage AE introduced guests to Cricket’s new and innovative service while reiterating the strengths the wireless provider has long showcased.

“We’re based around being an unlimited service, which is something we pride ourselves around. Right now we have between 50,000 and 100,000 people who are using the service,” said Kris Davis, assistant retail business manager of Cricket Smithfield. “With the product, for $55 a month you not only get talk, text, and data, but you also get unlimited music downloads.”

MUVE MUSIC—From left: Kris Davis gives guests Quincy McConnell and Mike Dean a taste of Cricket’s new music downloading service. (Photo by Rebecca Nuttall)

Muve Music is the first unlimited music downloading service to be provided as part of a wireless customer’s rate plan. Customers will receive the service as part of Cricket’s $55 plan that provides users with unlimited phone minutes, text messages, and Internet data usage.

“Muve music launched here in Pittsburgh on April 12 and the customers who’ve seen it absolutely love it,” said Doug Robinson, regional general manager. “We actually placed in the top 30 of the new 20,000 products.”

At the exclusive showcase, guests were given the chance to try out the new digital music service on Cricket’s Samsung Suede music phone specially designed for Muve Music. Their unlimited download application is provided through contracts with Sony, Universal Music, Warner Music, and EMI.

“It’s really simple, easy to use. The best part is you have music and you don’t have to pay for it. You get unlimited downloads,” said Mike Dean. “The recession is real so this is great.”

“For the teenagers especially and for the parents looking to cut costs this gives it to them at a low cost,” said Quincy McConnell. “People are going to jail for illegally downloading music now.”

Of the more than 5.4 million Cricket customers nationwide, 52 percent do not have home Internet access. This new service allows customers to download music straight to their phone without having to connect to a computer.

Cricket is a wireless phone service provider that uses a flat rate billing method by way of month-to-month contracts only. The wireless provider does not require credit checks or long-term service contracts as other service providers do nationally and globally. Cricket extended their service area nationwide in March 2010.

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