I fell in love with a tramp!

Dear Gwendolyn:

(NNPA)—I am 48 years old and recently got a divorce from a young lady age 22. We were only married for one year. During that time we had a baby, being that she was six months pregnant when we got married. Immediately after the marriage, she appeared not to have any affection for me. In fact, she told me that the baby is not my baby. I am paying child support. I know I can fight the issue, but I love her and do not wish to abandon the baby.


This was my first marriage, but I have many children by many different women. Sometimes I wonder if I am being punished because I mistreated those women. You see…when younger I was quite handsome and I took advantage of my looks. It seems I mistreated the good women who crossed my path and sadly married a tramp.

Gwendolyn, why do good men fall in love with bad women?—John

Dear John:

What are you talking about? Good men? I know you are not referring to yourself. You are presently getting what you deserve. However, men in general have a tendency to mistreat the good and cherish the bad.

John, do not consider your ex-wife a tramp. She is only being herself. I do suggest that you allow the father of her baby to financially be the responsible person for the child’s well-being. If she allows you to be in the child’s life, that’s fine. However, don’t be all into that child when you admitted to having many other children of your own. That is not good reasoning.

Let me tell you this: Men often fall in love with what they later considered to be a tramp. They grow old trying to get the tramp to love them in return. But think about it. Good women fall in love—but tramps don’t.

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