My stepmother makes a difference!

Dear Gwendolyn: I am 17 years old and I noticed that most of the people who write to you are adults. However, I hope you will take time to help me with my problem. This is it: When I was 2 years old my parents divorced. My father won full child custody. He soon remarried and they had a son. Our ages are three years apart. Last year I wanted to get my driver’s license, but my stepmother convinced my father to tell me no. When my half-brother turned 13, they gave him an off-road dirt bike. Also, they gave him a cell phone. When I asked for a cell phone, I was told to get a part-time job and buy my own.


Gwendolyn, please help me. I don’t want to grow into one of those evil bitter unhappy men who do harm saying, “I didn’t have a happy childhood.”—Jim

Dear Jim: And you don’t have to turn into one of those bitter men who put all blame on their failures saying, “I didn’t have a happy childhood.” That excuse is getting old and jurors in our Courts of Law are no longer being sympathetic about the issue.

Let me tell you this: Do not make the mistake as many young people do—that is to seek a roommate and move from an unhappy home. Two small salaries cannot pay the rent. This is your best option: Get a good education. Aim for a career that pays six figures. This is where campus life is a blessing. Seek the assistance of your high school counselor to see what funding is available for you.

Jim, I hate to inform you but the situation with your stepmother will probably remain the same. Your father does not appear to be “man enough” to speak up in your behalf. Men claim to be so macho but when it comes to a woman, they are nothing but a jellyfish— just naturally weak. Think about it. I’m sure you read or heard how Eve persuaded Adam—to eat that apple.

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