My mother is being mean to my children!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I am 38 years old with eight children. A year ago I married a man but the marriage only lasted six months. He left me. He said I had too many children and he had previously thought the “ready-made” family wouldn’t matter. But seeing he was not happy he wanted out.


I left home when I was 16. I must admit I was a rebellious child. I treated my mother badly. The day I left I set her hair on fire out of hatred. I have survived on free rent and give-aways. In fact, my children have had more meals at the Mission than at home. So after 22 years I have returned home but my mother is not accepting me.

Gwendolyn, at least she should try to bond with her grandchildren.—Mary

Dear Mary: How dare you to feel your mother is suppose to be standing in the doorway with open arms. Sure, it is true a mother never turns her back, but it is also true that sometimes a mother grows tired. As to your husband, referring to your family as “ready-made” is yesterday’s language. Now “ready-made” is a term used at fast food restaurants. My advice to you is to apply for free or reduced housing as you have done in the past. Your mother’s heart may not soften. If that happens, don’t blame her blame yourself. After all, when she had open arms and tried to give you guidance, you chose to be rotten to the core. Mary, someone should have told you that bad girls grow old fast and men no longer desire them. Fast, wild living only results in looking like having been hit by a train and run over by a trailer. Bill Withers song it best—“Use me until you—use me up.”

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