Married three times.  Still no love!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I recently got married for the third time. My first two marriages ended in divorce merely because of me. They were both nice men. This is the problem: My mother wanted me to marry a man who could take care of me and give me things like a luxury house, luxury car, luxury furniture and money in the bank. I didn’t fall in love with them so I filed for and got a divorce.


Two months after my second divorce I met another man. He said he loved me and I pretended to be in love with him as well. You see…People say love takes time to grow. But up to now (six months later), I still have not fallen in love with my husband. I hate to keep having to get married, but Gwendolyn I can’t keep staying. Even my third husband is nice and just a great person. Do you think I will ever fall in love with my husband?—Gladys

Dear Gladys:

Possibly not. You have been brainwashed to believe first of all that love takes time to grow. Not necessarily. Two people should have that strong feeling of care for each other before marriage. Yea, I have heard the stories. In fact a lady told me when we discussed the subject of love that “you will fall in love eventually.” Also, my aunt told me that “You don’t have to like a person to marry.” Gladys, I don’t know which statement is the more stupid of thinking. When you marry for money, you pay the price. There is one thing about being married to a man for money, when the marriage fails, he wants to keep his money. You see—I look at real life crime stories. Usually the woman meets with tragedy when money is involved. Few men are willing to half everything and walk away. They want to keep it all.

Gladys, if you decide to divorce your third husband, don’t ever marry again. You need to believe in yourself and to know that money only solves money problems. Let me tell you this: Regardless of one’s status, the problems of life—are experienced by all.

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