My girlfriend refused to accept the ring!

Dear Gwendolyn:

A year ago I met a girl and we started dating. Five months later she started talking about marriage. I proposed to her the very next month.


This is the problem: Back in the summer we were shopping in the mall and passed a jewelry store. She asked if she could pick out the type of ring she wanted and I gave her the go ahead. The ring was $22,000 and it was beautiful I must admit. I returned to the jewelry store to see if they had something that beautiful for less. I put away a $6,000 ring and one week later I lost my job. I opened an account with the jewelry store and was able to take the ring after signing the contract to purchase on installments.

When I presented her with the ring on Christmas day, she refused to accept. She said it was cheap and if I could not get the one she wanted, our plans for getting together were canceled.

Gwendolyn, this is the disturbing part of this situation. I started to return to the jewelry store and steal the ring of her desire when no salesperson was watching—Jacob

Dear Jacob:

There are many men occupying jail cells due to their weakness of a woman. Let me tell you this: The price of $22,000 was too large for a working man, and judging seemingly from the attitude of your woman even $6,000 was too much to spend. I should not have to inform you that your girlfriend is not worth marrying. Think about it. A woman of this type never makes a good wife. You lost your job, but still she expected you to buy a ring that is completely out of your financial range.

I will not label her as being a “gold digger.” However, I will label her as being selfish and conceited. If you marry this woman, Jacob, you need to go and have your head examined because surely there is something going wrong. Remember this: She showed you what she is all about so if you marry her—never-never-never complain.

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