I thought I had found the perfect love!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: When I left to make arrangements to get my mother moved to be near me, my fiancee was unfaithful with my cousin. My aunt, who does not like my fiancee, told me of the incident. My fiancee did not disclose the affair. It was my cousin who was bragging that my future wife was not the person I thought. Other than having an affair with my cousin, she also sold my car while I was away.


Gwendolyn, I love this woman. She is sexy and a great cook. I know I should give her up. Before I make that decision, I want to know what you think.–Henry

Dear Henry: It doesn’t matter what I think because love is strong and you will do whatever you want to do anyway. However, I will go ahead and voice my opinion. I think you need to cancel your engagement immediately. If you marry this sexy, good cooking woman, your life will be miserable beyond belief. I advise you not to confront your cousin. To do so could lead to danger. You being his cousin means nothing. He proved that. Also, I advise you not to forgive your fiancee for her actions. A marriage license will not turn her into a lovingly faithful wife. She won’t change. Henry, when you do make a choice for a wife, keep your cousin at a distance. Men often hate to see another man with a decent wife. Don’t marry this woman and please do not listen to the sad excuses she will tell you.

There is so much wrong going on these days. But think about it. Less wrong would go on if men like you would put good character before sex. Man, forget about the cooking. There once was a saying that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach (good cooking). Today, women no longer do all that cooking. They have changed and will quickly let you know that the way to a man’s heart is—through his S.D.

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