I?wish to be pretty like other girls!

Dear Gwendolyn: I am 16 and just beginning to date. My mother is a product of ‘not dating’ until the age of 16, although I had no desire to date until now. Therefore, waiting was not a problem.
I have been to several parties with my girlfriends and they were all asked to dance by a boy, but I had no offers. That bothered me until I looked into my mirror and dis­covered I was not pretty like the other girls—­Janice


Dear Janice: I seldom receive letters from teen­agers. So, thank you for having the courage to write to me concerning your problem.

Let me ask you this: Are you telling me that you have looked into your mirror all your life and just discovered you are not pretty? Either something is wrong with your mirror, or something is definitely wrong with you.

There is a thing called “self-esteem.” That is your problem and not your mirror.

Boys 2 men do have a tendency to lurk after what they consider as beauty. I want you to focus on receiving the highest degrees you can—that is more important than to stop and waste precious time being concerned about your looks.

As you move into adulthood, you will see those same girls who are popular with dates looking old, run down, beat out and ugly. What they once had as beauty will be gone. But for yourself, you will always look elegant and continue to look elegant as you grow old gracefully.

Janice, think about it. Another observation you will come to know is that when young girls your age are popular, believe me, it is not their beauty. These young girls are known to display body parts—other than their face.

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