My new job needs to increase my pay!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I worked on a job for 32 years. The company closed. I searched for about six months before getting employed again. I like my job.

However, there is a problem: I have more experience than the two employees who were hired after me.


They have more computer knowledge than me, but I have common sense and can solve administrative issues. I am 57.

Should I quit and look for another job?—Wanda

Dear Wanda:

Wow! I don’t want your common sense. The idea of quitting is not a reasonable thing to do. Let me tell you this: People fail when they cannot adapt to change.

What happened in your situation is your fault. If you wanted an executive position where you could use your administrative abilities, you should have applied for such.

It is apparent you accepted what was available. Therefore, Wanda, go to work and work. I do not question your administrative knowledge. Although, I do question—your common sense.

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