$4,000 grant to ‘Love Front Porch’

“Love Front Porch,” the brainchild of local artist and activist Vanessa German, has been awarded a $4,000 grant for her unique and heartfelt project aimed at ending gun violence and inspiring creativity in her community.

THE LOVE PORCH—The Love Porch, in Homewood, is where you can see paintings and painted signs by the kids throughout the yard and the porch. Above, some of the local kids are painting on the porch with Vanessa German watching over them. (Photos by J.L. Martello)

The yard signs she created encouraging peace and nonviolence pepper the community and curious children stop by her front porch each day eager to create art. It is clear that German and Love Front Porch have provided a platform for children to dream and create.

“Violence has an effect on all people in all areas,” said Luci Dabney, executive director of Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise and founding member of the Sankofa Fund. Love Front Porch is a testament to the positive effects one person can have on their community.”

German’s porch and front yard get very crowded sometimes. With the help of Allegheny Housing Rehabilitation Corp., Love Front Porch will have temporary space in a vacant house down the street, where she and visiting artists can reach more kids.

“What happens on our porch is special,” said German.“I know that art makes a difference, it can heal, inspire and change anger into love…come see for yourself!”

The Sankofa Fund of Southwest Pennsylvania was formed to provide small grants spotlighting organizations and grass roots projects in the African-American community that support and highlight Black empowerment and self-help.


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