Media guru Angelo Ellerbee




by Genea L. Webb
For New Pittsburgh Courier
Mentoring the young and old and helping them stay in the music business is what Angelo Ellerbee has been doing successfully for 40 years as the owner and CEO of New Jersey-based Double XXposure Media Relations, a full service public relations, marketing and artist development firm.
“My company serves educate people about the dollars and cents of the music business. They need to understand what the responsibilities are,” said Ellerbee, 55, who was born and raised and still, resides in New Jersey. “I observe my clients because I want to see all the various sides of the artist.
“I want to help someone from the heart and not just the pocket,” Ellerbee said. “I teach survival skills and self preservation because people need to learn how to take care of themselves.”
Ellerbee puts new artists through a 24-week class, where they are taught diction, how to speak, etiquette, how do dress, and royalty rights.
“It’s about the relationship between the person and myself. I sell talent. I don’t sell music. It’s always about the relationship first,” Ellerbee said. “We have a courtship and an engagement and then we decide if we want to marry. I am very straightforward. I am a connoisseur of kicking you in the pants. I don’t want artists to stay with me forever, I want them to go and grow.”
He has worked with many A-list celebrities including Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, Alicia Keys, DMX and Dionne Warwick.
He does not advertise for clients most come through referral by association. Many have come and gone over the years.
“What separates me from most is that I care—perhaps too much—but I sincerely feel that I am here to assist God in doing His work and that includes inspiring people to be their best; nurturing and developing their hidden attributes and stimulating and teaching them an awareness of their worth on this earth,” he said.


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