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by Charles W. Cherry II

(NNPA)—Jesse Jackson Jr.: We’ve written for years about Rule No. 1 for Blacks in politics: There’s a higher standard of ethical conduct.

You have to be twice as “clean” as your White counterparts. There’s no margin for error. Unfair? Sure. But if you are Black and you don’t want to be “lilly-white,” pun intended, don’t get in the game.
Rule No. 2: Don’t believe you can cut the same ethical corners your White counterparts can.
Rule No. 3: Don’t start to “smell yourself” and believe you are entitled to permanently enjoy the trappings of power.
Obviously, Jesse Jr. and another prominent Black politician with national potential, former Detroit mayor (and FAMU Rattler) Kwame Kilpatrick, both forgot about my rules. The two have many similarities.
Both were from prominent hometown political families. Both were lawyers. Both were married with kids. Both had “side pieces” that they supported with someone else’s money.
More similarities. Both were on a Tom Joyner cruise with me. (Prosecutors say Jr. paid for the 2006 Joyner cruise with campaign money.) Both bumped into me on the dance floor.
Rule No. 4: If you are a Black politician, you might want to stay away from a Tom Joyner cruise… or from me… or from both…
Bro. Prez at Morehouse College—My Atlanta-based alma mater will host Bro. Prez, who will be the main speaker at commencement this year—which happens to be my 35th class reunion. Will the speech be forever known as “THE MOREHOUSE SPEECH,” in which Bro. Prez gives a historical overview of the Black male experience in America and how Black men can move forward to rebuild our communities? Soon, I’ll suggest to Bro. Prez what he should say to “Morehouse Men” and to the world…
How old? How old does a Black woman have to be before she’s called “Miss” or “Mrs.”? Obviously older than 102, since Bro. Prez called a 102-year old Miami-Dade voter, Desiline Victor, by her first name when he recognized her during the State of the Union address. Betcha he didn’t do that at Jeremiah Wright’s church…

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Special to the NNPA from The Florida Courier

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