R&B artist Mya! With Chuck Sanders, and more Out & About with Brotha Ash, March 2013

Chuck Sanders with legendary R&B artist Mya….in 2013.
Marla and Dane kickin’ it at CJ’s in the Strip District for her surprise birthday party.

Davon and Fife representin’ at “A Tribute to James Owens” at CJ’s in the Strip District.

Roland Ford the Line Dance King and Antoinette Crowley having a great time at the 1st Annual Gold Line Dance Party held at the Diverse Banquet Club in Homewood.

Birthday girl Racine and the People’s family in full effect at the Black Beauty Lounge in the Hill District.

R&B star Avant made a stop into Savoy in 2013.

Bill and Noel having a great time at Ed’s Oldies Cabaret held at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum in Homewood, in 2013.

Tamiko Stanley and State Rep. Ed Gainey celebrating Brian’s birthday at Lounge 7101 in Homewood, in 2013.

Chuck Sanders and family doing it up big at his birthday celebration held at Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District.

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