Erin Perry: Woman of many talents


MANY TALENTS—Dancer, photographer, artist, teacher, businesswoman Erin Perry shows off some of her talent. Here, front, left, she performs an African Dance at the August Wilson Center. (Photos by Gail Manker)


African dancer, photographer, teaching artist, executive director, mother and fiancee are all words that describe Erin Perry.
“I’ve always recognized the need to help people be well. I’m a vessel of the Creator and I want to do his work,” said Perry, a 38-year-old mother of two sons, Zosha and Ziah. She grew up in Wilkinsburg and makes her home in Forest Hills.
Perry does the Creator’s work on various fronts.
Since 2011, she has served as executive director of the Legacy Arts Project.
Perry began her journey with the Legacy Arts Project as a dancer in 2006, and as executive director, she works to strengthen the group of seven dancers and six drummers.


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