‘Scandal’ finale viewing party leaves fans wanting more

GroupIMG_6993.jpgVernard Alexander, the “Networking King” of Pittsburgh and fans of the hit TV show Scandal at 2nd Time Around in Homewood. (Photos by Ashley G. Woodson)

PITTSBURGH–While many all over the country watched the season finale of “Scandal” from their homes, locally, fans gathered together at 7101 2nd Time Around in Homewood for Vernard Alexander’s “Scandal Party” for what they called the most anticipated season finale since “Who Shot J.R.?” in 1980.

“Shonda Rhimes has captivated the country with ‘Scandal’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ It gives America a different light on the African-American woman,” said Alexander, of Global Networking Exchange. “Kerry Washington is only the second Black woman to lead a prime time drama…She is powerful, intelligent, beautiful and complex. A lot of African-American woman admire the position she is in.”

“I create a Scandal post every Thursday on Facebook that generates 300 responses and I feel it was important to bring people together to discuss all the personalities and characters,” says Alexander.

C. Denise Johnson, an avid “Scandal” viewer said the series has such a huge online following that it lights up Facebook and the Twitterverse that just makes sense for all of the gladiators to come together for the season finale.

Like many viewers Lisa Perry said “Scandal” has been a staple in her weekly routine for the past two years. She said she finds the show to be “phenomenal, not just because of the juicy story lines, but also because of the amazing writing of Shonda Rhimes and her team.  How they have woven this story together with such interesting characters makes me come back week after week.”

“Some people think we watch to see this torrid affair between a Black woman and the President of the United States, but it is more about the power and intelligence of this woman (Olivia Pope) that captivates me.  While the juicy relationship is fun to watch, I love seeing a strong, beautiful and career-minded Black woman on the screen,” Perry adds.

 “The show has been a hit on Facebook and Twitter over the past year, and Vernard formed a group for a weekly chat during the show and it has sparked friendships and gatherings like the one tonight.  I have not met most of the folks in here tonight in person, but every Thursday we have met on FB to watch and talk about the goings on with “Scandal”.  It is great to be here tonight with these folks and to be at the Second Time Around where we are so welcomed and the atmosphere here is amazing,” says Perry.

Since the show is on break, now what will people do with their time?

“We now have started a new FB group (Scandal Rehab) to help us stay connected especially during the summer hiatus.  It should be fun and I look forward to staying in touch with my fellow Gladiators,” says Perry.

7101 owner Brian Stanton added, “I wanna take the time to thank everyone that came to the Scandal finale party last night. Special thanks to Vernard Alexander for hosting the event. Everyone keeps thanking me and telling what a good time they had but I have to thank all you for coming.”

Lisa Perry, Vernard Alexander and C. Denise Johnson contributed to this report.


BandToshIMG_6995.jpgBrian, the owner of 7101 with his daughter Tosha hanging out at the Scandal party


TriviaIMG_6994.jpgVernard Alexander playing a trivia game from the hit TV show Scandal at 7101 in Homewood


Scandal fans having a blast playing Trivia games at 7101

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