Is a woman’s appearance key to her career?


JACKIE DIXON (Photos by Gail Manker)


 According to Executive Communications Group, a firm that specializes in communication and image, perceptions about a woman’s confidence, intelligence, and authority are developed within 5 to 30 seconds of meeting her. Similarly, the book,  “At Ease Professionally: An Etiquette Guide for the Business Arena,” says that 58 percent of a woman’s appeal are derived from her looks and body language.

Whether women like it or not, their dress and appearance have a direct correlation with their ability to advance in the workplace. At the Pennsylvania Diversity Council’s Women in Leadership Symposium, the panelists spent a lot of time discussing this topic of workplace dress and appearance.    

“Allegedly as women, we should never wear more than 13 accessories, but I like to decorate myself,” said Michelle Rochon, director of talent acquisition for WESCO Distribution, about her initial apprehension following this kind of rule. “But, I decided to take that into account because it is distracting.”

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