The truest book ever written: ‘Blessed or Cursed’ by Rayco Saunders




“Rayco Saunders speaks with the heart of a child who witnessed the death of his mother at age 11, and who never had a father, the soul of a complex man still looking for simple truths. His biography is a triumphant tale. A stunning tribute to perseverance, courage, and the ‘die hard’ will to never give up. Raw truth-telling…It’s shared testimony for young men who struggle in the streets of the United States of America. A true story of uncommon bravery and power told by a man and father who vows to never be like the man who helped conceived him.”


Rayco’s Saunders’ world was becoming undone. Not for anything he did. Rather, a series of events led to an unraveling of his already troubled past. But, this time, he was the victim. Things became undone as a result of an arrest— a false arrest. A set up!

It came at no surprise to the young man. He had seen it all too often. Yet, now it hit home. And it hit him hard. Thingswere indeed becoming undone.

An arrest that was planned and carried out by two rogue Pittsburgh police officers determined to put him safely behind bars where he would be out of their way. Same two officers who had trailed him. Same officers that had once entered his home, taking both his money and registered guns and other valuables never returned. Same two that ransacked the house, toppling photos, contents of food and yet, finding nothing suspicious.

What was it all about? Vengeance? Fear? Getting back at the young upstart Pittsburgh boxer? These officers– overzealous, corrupt and without any justification except to get back at a person they perceived to be a threat. A threat to what? Rayco was too smart, too quick, too knowledgeable and knew they had dirtied themselves. Rayco Saunders, an independent force of his own showed no fear to law enforcement. Never did and never would! He was in the way. He had to be undone. He wouldn’t cooperate with them. For, he knew too much and he had to be taken care of.

They would make sure that the fighter was locked up behind bars, all the while running their own illicit and lucrative trade to the neighborhoods of the Steel City.
Their informants had given them enough information to move in on the young boxer. They had moved in on him so swiftly. And now this injustice!

Rayco was left alone in the confines of a holding in a holding cell, devoid of physical contact with his sons and family. Things were becoming undone or were they? He had been through so much and he wasn’t about to give in. The mistake made by the officers would have consequences that would resonate not only in the neighborhood but the police force as well.

Now, facing the prospect of a long confinement, the boxer was looking at a long stretch in a state facility. Prison! For being set up, framed! For someone else, perhaps. Not Rayco Saunders. He witnessed the corruption by the two and now was wrapped up in the web. But, it would not deter him to gain his freedom and, in the process, expose this mess created by the few errant cops in a police force that had seen enough over the years.

Yet, he was had to get his story out. The fighter instinct took hold and that fighting spirit would sustain him through this ordeal.

Right now his world was a small cubicle in the Allegheny Jail in downtown. The passing cars and the train whistle from the coal cars passing under his window was testament to the continuum of the outside world. But, his life was on hold. His boxing career had come to a halt. For what?

What led to such a dramatic event? The clash between the law and the boxer was a result of a long series of events in his young life. He had time to think about it. He would set the record straight and let the world know what transpired.

Everyone has a unique story to tell. Rayco’s was indeed one story ready to be told.

It began almost from the moment he took his first breath in a Pittsburgh hospital in 1974.

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