Ransom Notes…Hatin’ on LeBron and Steelers musings



Woke up this morning and the Miami Heat were still NBA Champions.

Loved LeBron’s comments after the game. All he does is win, yet people call him arrogant. He says he is blessed.

They say he doesn’t compare to Michael Jordan (the most arrogant athlete I have ever encountered). Jordan had commercials before he played an NBA game. Jordan retired from the NBA to play professional baseball, but he couldn’t hit a fastball.
He thought he was the greatest ATHLETE. Hubris anyone?

If the Heat three-peat, will LeBron get his props? 37 points, 12 rebounds, back to back MVP. Three-straight finals. I know folks hate him, but for that flake Dennis Rodman to say LeBron would just be “average” in his day is just crazy.

LeBron went to Miami to win championships, and he has. I guess Dan Gilbert’s curse was reversed. He had to rehire Mike Brown (whom he fired) and now has to swallow the second LeBron championship.

He had LeBron under contract but was too inept to build a team around him.

OK, no more posts about the NBA until next season. It is almost STEELER season, so I will be otherwise occupied!

The Steelers will be competitive. O-line is in the best shape in years. Got to get a functional tight end until Heath Miller comes back. Wide receivers could be improved over last year. 

Not sold on backup quarterbacks, so Ben has to stay healthy. Running backs could be a strong point of the offense.

On defense have to have improved line play. They didn’t step up last year, and the linebackers were a weak point. New draftee should improve backers, and Woodley should return to form. I think they will miss Harrison, but probably not as much as he’ll miss them.

Secondary is the big concern. Troy has to stay healthy and they have no quality depth at corner. They may be stronger offensively (once Miller returns) than defensively.

They’ll go 9-7 or 10-6, but they have to at least get a split with division foes. That might get them in the playoffs.

Just don’t root for that team whose name insults Native Americans or their northern neighbors who just won the Super Bowl. We may have to disown you

Lou Ransom is former managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier and fomer sports editor for Jet Magazine.

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