Your Advice Guru: Reality TV is ruining my daughter!



Dear Tamara:

My 13-year-old daughter is addicted to reality TV. Every time I turn around she is watching Teen Mom, the Housewives, Love and Hip Hop and The Braxtons.

Even when I cut her off on the television, she sneaks and watches them on her phone on Netflix. She is infatuated with the reality stars and talks about them as if they are part of our family. Even worse, she is starting to quote them and immolate their mannerisms. The other day she told her 7-year-old brother “you better get your life!” It is just too much. My daughter is a straight-A student, but I am beginning to see a major change in her attitude. I am worried that she getting out of control. I have tried to ban her from reality TV, but I work late nights and am not always there to monitor her every move. Most of these shows come on during prime time and are not restricted. Do you have any suggestions?

Over Reality TV

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