Rivers Casino Drum Bar Party shut down: “Too Many Blacks”

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Rivers shuts down Ruff Ryder anniversary party

Apparently a crowd of Black people enjoying themselves in the Drum Bar at the Rivers Casino is not to be tolerated, even if the party had been arranged weeks ahead of time.

On July 19, members of the Ruff Ryders, a Black motorcycle club, were in the midst of their 7th anniversary meet-and-greet when their party for about 100 people was shut down.

“A security guy came in, whispered to the DJ, then they shut off the music,” said club President Kenneth Wright. “A few minutes later they closed down the bar, and the party.”

“The security guy, Kyle Bond, said it was because we were over capacity. Now I’ve been there on Friday nights before. The crowd was no bigger than usual, no louder than usual. The only difference was it was blacker than usual.”

Several comments about the incident have appeared on Facebook, with Matisha Cook noting that when the DJ was told by security to shut it down, he got on the microphone and said, “Too many black people and not enough whites, so we’re closing the bar.”

Wright said he personally did not hear the remark, but others told him they did. He said he was pretty upset at the time, and still is because no one has returned his calls for an explanation.

“I had arranged this in early June. We paid $483 for two tables, and were supposed to be there from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m.,” he said. “They shut the music off a little after midnight, and the bar about 12:30.”

Bryan Mungin, the Ruff Ryders’ business manager also took to Facebook, telling his friends not to patronize the Rivers Casino.

“It’s sad in this day and age things like this happen,” he wrote. “When I spoke with security, his response was, ‘We don’t have enough staff to handle this type of crowd’… Really?”

Bond was not on duty when called for comment, but Systems officer Peter Herzog said state law requires the casino to always have a full complement of officers on duty.

Rivers will call in extra security for nights when big crowds are expected, like the first Steeler home game, 4th of July or any of their outdoor concerts.

“Another 100 people is not an issue, especially not on a Friday night,” he said.

When contacted, casino spokesman Jack Horner said the New Pittsburgh Courier’s inquiries were the first he’d heard of the incident.  He said he would look into it and try to get a response as quickly as possible, but did not meet the Courier press deadline.

(More in Wednesday’s print edition.)     


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