Shop ‘n Save on the Hill Grand Opening pics





DELORES MOSELEY, from the Hill District, said, ”It took a long time coming and I hope we can keep it ‘cause God knows we need this. I’m tired of getting jitneys and getting rides to way out where.”




EUGENE McCARTHY, from the Hill, said, “If there was one thing I would say is that they did a good job in here, I love it and I hope it stays.”





SHAFFE SCOTT, from the Hill, said, “It’s good and I think it real convenient for us and we don’t have to go to the South Side or any other side of town. It’s well needed and it’s been a long time since we needed it and I’m happy it’s here finally. If this wasn’t here I would be going to the Bottom Dollar in the North Hills and I love it, but now I’m going to love SHOP ‘n SAVE.”




ANGELA BURKS, from the Hill, said, “It’s  very enlightening and I enjoy working with people. I would be going to the South Side to go shopping.”





WORKING IN HOT FOODS SECTION of the store, is Portia Hawthorne from the Hill. She said, “It  feels great. I am so glad to have a store so close to us so we can be able to go to the store without having to catch jitneys; now it’s right down the street. It’s convenient, and it’s beautiful in here and they made it a big comeback by making a store after 30 years, so I’m glad there is a store here.”
















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