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Terrelle Pryor (2) of the Oakland Raiders stretches before game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013. (AP Photo/David Seelig)

My Bad! I called for the Steelers to win and Terrelle Pryor to have a good game for the Oakland Raiders. We got half the deal. I have to be careful when I put that stuff out there. My predictions and projections can be very powerful!

David Ortiz . . . aka “Big Papi” is just that. The World Series MVP was on base 19 times in 6 games with a batting percentage of 683, the highest in history behind Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Are you kidding me? And guess who got on base more? Yep, you guessed it – Barry Bonds! You forgot how great he was huh!?!?




So Tom Brady can scream and yell all he wants and he’s a motivator, but if Dez Bryant does it, he’s a thug. And you don’t see how there could be a racial divide there. What is wrong with you? (Listen, I told you only the truth matters here.)

Take all your money, your kids and the dog . . . what the hell, take the ole lady too and bet it on the Steelers. They will beat New England and Tom Brady on Sunday and that, as another genius writer for the Pittsburgh Courier would say . . . you can take to the bank!

“Just when I thought I was out, they dragged me back in.” The Lakers beat up on the Clippers and I thought it was a new day. And without “Kobe.” I was about to start making those phone calls to you know who (Mike Booker, Fred Crawford, “Big D”, and them)  I had to hang up the phone . . . Golden State slaps-em around by 35 the next night. Man, it’s going to be a long season!

If I were you, I would pick up the phone and call the Champions at (412) 628-4856 because by now you know the 38th Annual Willie “Pops” Stargell Memorial Pittsburgh / Allegheny County MVP Awards Banquet is coming up on Saturday, December 7th and by now you know that historic Federal Court Judge Reggie Walton from Donora is going to be the keynote speaker. But did you know that Judge Walton, among other major noteworthy credits, including Presiding Judge U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, was also Senior White House advisor to the Office of the President G. H. Bush and nominated to the U.S. District Court by President G. W. Bush. And you still don’t have your tick . . . well, maybe this will help move ya . . . Greg Lloyd, the meanest linebacker in Steeler history, will be there too (Sorry, James Harrison. Like I said, only the truth matters here.)


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