OVERTIME 11-13-13




:10 Listen…or should I say pay atten­­tion here. You know some of you city league grads don’t respond well if you don’t have somebody telling you what to do. (Oh re-lax, will ya. Just a little city league humor.)

Anyway, a big shout out from Pittsburgh to “Hot-Lana” to my Fam-I-Lee, the Patterson side. Some would say the smarter side. Oh what the hell, let’s be honest here, we all know Fred’s smarter than both sides of the entire rest of the family by his self. (We could throw Gerome in there with him considering all the money he’s made by ya’ll know “Romes” crazy! Anyway, a great time was had with my cousin Lavern a few weeks ago at her surprise birthday party thrown for her by her fabulous children where in fact our beloved “Cousin Ida” was the life of the party. Several days later, “Cousin Ida” was called home by our Lord. Fast forward to this past Saturday and we were all brought together again under sadder circumstances to mourn “Cousin Ida’s” passing. But as is often times the case such moments allowed us to reconnect with loved ones. An opportunity to welcome home cousin Fred from Atlanta and to find out that unknown to all of us Fred’s got some crazy in him too…Well, just let me say this…don’t get it twisted and press up on cousin Fred in traffic. He’s packin’ and not afraid to use it…no matter how big you are!

But the real joy comes in spending time with my now “Old Cousin Lavern” (who by the way, looks just like Aunt Snookie), her beautiful daughters Rasheeda and Tani, her husband Andre, and my now grown up cousin Akhir, who has a good woman, a great son and a job. How about that? A young Black man with his priorities inorder. Now if we can just multiply that by a “ka-zillion.” And oh yeah, my mom, who always brings great words to the table. To my cousins Gerome, Mark and Michael, job well done. God Bless you and may God continue to Bless cousin Ida!

:09 I know. I know. You want some sports talk. Well, here’s some talk for ya. Pitt kicked Notre Dame’s leprechaun ass all the way back to the Golden Dome. Happy now?!?!





:08 Steelers will rally and win big over the Bills 24-14. Please baby, please baby, please baby, please! Take it to the bank!

:07 What is wrong with you people. Richie Incognito is all that he appears to be. A fool. A bully. A bad seed and everybody around him knows it. All the blame goes to him and none goes to Jonathan Martin. And that you can take to any bank you want.

:06 Shannon Sharp who usually brings a poor attempt at humor to the “NFL Today” show said it best. No man can give another man the license to call anybody a “Nigger” and I am using the word here not the “N” word” so that you feel the pain of it that our forefathers died for. And let this be a lesson to everybody on the planet. There-Is-No-Place-For-The-Word-There-Is-No-One-That-Has-The-Right-Or-Should-Use-It…Nobody. Period. End of story. Wake-up people. The rest of the world is laughing at your pants down, your ignorant rap music… (not the good stuff) your fatherless homes and your insulting yourselves by calling each other “Nigga.” Wake up People!!!

:05 What about O.J.? Doesn’t anybody care about O.J.? I am just askin’!

:04 The next Hall of Fame inductee has to be the guy…and you know it was a guy…that invented the black stretch pants all the ladies wear nowadays. Talk about a sport…watching them pants…now that’s a sport. But beware my lovelies, One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All! I am just saying!


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