Pamela’s 'NU' Venture: NU….. A modern Jewish Bistro

I had the opportunity to sample several items off of NU’s menu. I also had the privilege of being educated on every mouthwatering bite, by Pamela and Gail.
My first course was Matzo Ball soup, a favorite dish of mine which I eat often. Referred to  by some as “Jewish penicillin “ a dumpling made from ground matzo meal, eggs, schmaltz, and seasoning, boiled and typically served in chicken soup.
As the soup approached my table, Pam informed me that there are two types of matzo balls… Sinkers and floaters… I grew up on Aunt Mary’s floaters, and Nu showcases their Sinkers…. The broth was clean, and delicate while flavorful. The matzo ball was tender and the taste of black pepper shined thru.
Next up was course number two, Chopped liver pate with Manischewitz jelly, served with Rye toast points. I actually enjoyed the unique contrasting flavors of this “Nosh” Aka, appetizer.
Course number three was the NuNu platter: Fried Kreplach, Meat Blintz, Latke tots with apple ketchup, and fried pickles served with a sauce remincent of a Tzatziki sauce. I really really enjoyed this sampler… a great mix of classic and modern flavors, each complimentary to the other. I’ve never had fried pickles before and I surely enjoyed these.
Course number four, was a sampler of their best sandwiches… the Nu blt, with crispy chicken skin, lettuce, tomato, and chicken liver pate schmear on toasted rye… it was the bomb! My “Nu” favorite!
I also really enjoyed their Montreal smoked meat; beef, that’s house cured for 10 days, smoked for 12 hours, and then steamed. And you can surely tell there’s time invested in it as it was extremely tender, and flavorful accompanied with their house made mustard that has a wonderful and surprising sweet finish.

Rueben Knishwich
Rueben Knishwich

But the star of the show was the Rueben Knishwich, showcasing the house made kraut, their house made smoked meat, and Swiss cheese all wrapped in golden flaky puff pastry and served with their homemade 1000 island dressing. It literally melted in my mouth. If you like Rueben’s you’ll love this “Nu” spin on a classic.
Grilled Babka with homemade salted caramel ice-cream, garnished with Hungarian donuts with cinnamon sugar.

Last course was dessert, Grilled Babka with homemade salted caramel ice-cream and garnished with their Hungarian donuts with cinnamon sugar. And oh boy! Was it bliss! The grilled Babka reminded me of a chocolate brownie fresh out of the oven. The salted caramel ice cream shocked my taste buds with its salty flavor and was cool and creamy…. The donuts were crispy on the outside and left cinnamon and sugar on your lips, but were moist on the inside…. All in all; a perfect ending to a perfect meal.
Did I mention that NU is a byob? So I encourage you to take your favorite bottle of wine, or gourmet beer with you when you go and experience NU.
Bottom Line, I give NU, 4 stars for Service, 4 stars for Atmosphere, and 4 stars for Food.
Key : Superlative 5 stars , Excellent 4 stars, Very Good 3 stars, Good 2 stars, Promising 1 star
NU Jewish Bistro in Oakland
NU Jewish Bistro in Oakland


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