Giving thanks is healthy and it never gets old

Chef Timothy Moore
Chef Timothy Moore

It’s that time of the year again when we look forward to spending time with family and friends, reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new one. Some may feel that the year has been a total failure and hope and pray that the new year holds more for them. Others will simply feel blessed and fortunate that they have been allowed to see another year.
Everyone should realize that there is always something or someone to be thankful for, no matter how bad life gets them down at times. At Thanksgiving in particular, we should not complain about what we don’t have or should have; just be thankful for what we do have, no matter how much or how little.
Don’t be concerned about what you didn’t accomplish in the past year; be thankful for what you did accomplish and look forward to what you will accomplish in the coming year.
We see and hear about so many tragedies that occur in the world today; yet we take for granted such small things in our lives that others would love to have. There’s a saying that goes something like, “You never miss what you have until it’s gone.” There should be one that says, “Be thankful for what you have today because tomorrow it may be gone.”
As we observe this upcoming holiday period, think about those who could use some help getting through the season. So many around us have no one and are in struggles with life issues and misery every day.
Some simple things that we can do would be volunteer at a homeless shelter; take food to someone who would otherwise have none on Thanksgiving; invite a friend or neighbor to your house for an abundance of your holiday cheer; or just be there for someone who only needs company or a shoulder to lean on.
It really doesn’t matter how much or how little you do for someone. What’s important is that you actually take the time to help others in need. By doing this, I can guarantee you will feel so blessed and fortunate that you will forget all about your problems and worries.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday this year and help others do the same.
(Dr. Timothy Moore teaches nutrition, heart disease and diabetes reversal through a plant-based lifestyle. The author of “47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes,” email him at or visit or

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