Ravens, Steelers biggest game of season Winner still has playoff chance


When the season began everyone expected the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens to be battling for a playoff bid, which meant the two games they played against each other would be huge. But then the Steelers opened the season, 0-4, then the Ravens lost 4 of 5 games. Despite both teams playing the worst ball they’ve played in years, Thursday’s game will be just as big as it has always been, with the winner right back in the stick of the playoff race. Despite the extremely poor play by these two perennial powerhouses, most of the rest of the AFC have been just as bad. So bad that the two teams with 5-6 records are still in the playoff hunt. The Steelers and the Ravens are battling with the New York Jets, 5-6; Miami Dolphins, 5-6; San Diego Chargers, 5-6; and the Tennessee Titans, 5-6. All battling for the last wild card spot. The division winners will have the top four spots and right now that appears to be the Denver Broncos, 9-2; New England Patriots, 8-3; Cincinnati Bengals, 7-4; and the Indianapolis Colts, 7-4. The Kansas City Chiefs, 9-2, will most likely be one wildcard team, leaving the other six teams battling for the last spot.

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