Thanksgiving, a lot to be thankful for


As I write this column I reflect on the established fact that Thanksgiving comes every year, in fact many years ago I was born on Thanksgiving Day. It is that time of year that you and I can look around and recognize those acts of positiveness that we collectively can be thankful for.
I was introduced to Tone Walls, a young Black man who majored in physiology in college and has dedicated himself to helping young persons mature into responsible men and women. Those who introduced us primarily focused on his outstanding career as a football coach in the Garfield football program. Young Mr. Walls has established a winning program on the football field by winning 12 games a year for five years, that is the grand total of 60 consecutive games without a loss.
We sat and talked and I asked what motivated him to spend time with young people. Tone began by explaining to me that it is not an individual achievement because there are about 48 other adults in various capacities that played integral parts in the overall success of the football program. He then began to elaborate on his love, concern and dedication to help these young persons reach their full potential in life and he vowed he would do his maximum to ensure most, if not the overwhelming majority, would succeed.

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