Byrdsong helping Homewood come together


Kudos go out to Rashad Byrdsong and the various other organizations in Homewood for coming together to solve some of the many major problems in that community.
Some have criticized Byrdsong as all talk with little action, but I always say that at least he’s talking because the vast majority in our communities is not doing or saying anything.
Recently the Courier reported “Homewood building its own safety net” that through Byrdsong’s leadership several groups have united to work toward the common goal of uplifting Homewood into the beautiful and safe community it once was. Joining the Community Empowerment Association are the Homewood YMCA, Homewood YWCA, CCAC in Homewood, A Second Chance, Operation Better Block and the Homewood Salvation Army.
According to Byrdsong they have always known each other were there, but weren’t working together, because they didn’t know each other. Now they are getting to know each other, which leads to being able to work together, because if one has an idea the others can support them on that venture or help improve that idea, instead of two coming up with the same idea or venture and competing against each other–then wondering why so few people supported separate ventures, which divided people instead of bringing them together.

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