African-American businesswoman introduces dotWed for couples

"Move over dotCOM, say "Hello" to dotWED" - proclaims Adrian McAdory. (Courtesy Photo)
“Move over dotCOM, say “Hello” to dotWED” – proclaims Adrian McAdory. (Courtesy Photo)

Washington, DC–Adrienne McAdory is sure to make Internet history with the ownership rights to the new Top Level Domain, dotWED.
Beginning Dec. 30, through Jan. 28, 2014, newly engaged couples will have the opportunity to claim their own dotWED domain name as part of a Landrush pre-launch period.
The first dotWED websites from Landrush go-live February 1, 2014. General Availability begins for the world April 1, 2014. Imagine the uniqueness and excitement of or
McAdory wound up with the ownership rights to dotWED almost by chance.
A government IT consultant for more than a decade, she stumbled upon an article in the Washington Post announcing the sale of 1,000 new top level domains (TLDs). Seeing this a great business opportunity, McAdory cashed in a large portion of her savings, formed a company (Atgron Inc.) and purchased the rights to dotWED.
Her timing is great. A third of proposals each year occur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and another six million are predicted to occur on Valentine’s Day, reports Mashable.
McAdory plans to take dotWED global.
The Mississippi native who has lived in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Beijing, has an international outlook on the reach of dotWED and “refuses to settle for only domestic”, says McAdory.
McAdory’s mission is to provide couples around the globe with dotWED domain names. At a starting price of $50 per year for the first two years, couples can finally move away from the corporate dotCOM and celebrate marital bliss with dotWED.
Atgron Inc. – For more than a decade, the leadership at Atgron has worked in the field of Information Technology Project Management. With a vision of communicating weddings to families around the world, Atgron Inc. embarked upon the creation of a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) to address the lack of domain names for the average citizen.

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