Just Sayin’… Nelson Mandela will be missed


One of the greatest leaders in the history of mankind, former South Africa’s President Nelson Mandela, died at 95 on Dec. 5.
Mandela was a victim of one of the most vicious government systems in the history of the world. South Africa like most of Africa was a victim of European Colonization. This is when White people invade other people’s countries and take everything they own while enslaving them, most cases in the name of God and Christianity, when in fact it was simply for personal gain, money and power.
They were able to conquer Africans and other so-called third world countries because they had guns, and had no problem using them because they had no conscious. They didn’t care how many people they killed. Whereas the natives only had spears, arrows, and in most cases were farmers, and peace loving tribes providing for their families.
After years of servitude, even though they weren’t called slaves, the Black South Africans were servants in their own country, despite being in the vast majority. They were considered to be inferior to Whites, Indians, and the bi-racial residents. As the years passed more and more African nations began their struggle against White superiority rule and domination with South Africa, which is considered by many as the richest, being one of the last. The group leading that struggle was the African National Congress which Mandela helped form, in 1942, with two others and of course he rose to head the organization.

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