Lifestyles Report…Temperature check

The day after that call I came home to a very thick card in the mailbox. I looked at the return address and did not recognize it. I opened it to find a Starbucks gift card and a very nice note that said how nice I was to work for in 2013. It took a minute for the light bulb to come on, but once it did, I realized this is one of my favorite handymen that I happened to find on Angie’s List. They have taught him well. He will be on my list of people to call for upcoming jobs in 2014. He does excellent work and is a great jack-of-all-trades.
Just a side bar, if you are a homeowner or know someone that is, an Angie’s list gift membership is a wonderful Christmas gift or a great gift for any time of the year. Especially if that home owner is a single female or someone who is not handy. If you are happy with service say so.
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