To Tell The Truth… He got Jack Simmons, Bill Robinson also?


To those of you who wonder who am I referring to as “he,” allow me to clarify whom I mean.
He is Allegheny County chief executive, King Richard Fitzgerald, who openly removed the former Director of Shuman Center William “Jack” Simmons. The belief is that King Richard Fitzgerald also orchestrated the removal of another Black man, Allegheny County Councilman William “Bill” Robinson from the responsible position of budget chairman of Allegheny County Council.
The removal of two respected and competent Black men compels me and should you also to ask that troubling lingering question, “Has the Democratic Party lost all respect for their Black voting bloc?” It has been my belief for a multitude of years that the Democratic Party has absolutely no regard for that Black-voting bloc that has been more faithful to them than any bloc of voters in the last 77 years. Black voters have been so loyal to the Democratic Party that we have voted against our own best interest.
Allow me to provide you with a few examples, Attorney Byrd R. Brown ran for congress against William Moorhead and the party convinced the Black Democrats that they should support Moorhead over Byrd Brown because Moorhead was a liberal. A number of years later Atty. Brown ran for mayor of the city of Pittsburgh and he was the most qualified person to run for that position in the history of Pittsburgh, but too many of us bought into their argument that he lacked political experience. No person gets experience until they get elected. Do you remember the local Democratic Party supported Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, and do you remember how many Blacks agreed with old Massa.


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