Fashion Watch: What not to wear on Christmas Day

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Christmas is such a special day. Those of us who celebrate the holiday plan all year for Christmas, so why not look as special as the day.
This is not the day to put on that tired Christmas sweater that you pull out year after year and please no Santa Claus hat. What possesses people to put on those red and white fake fur hats? It must be because they are delivering gifts and feel they are playing Santa Claus and what are worse are the deer antlers and elf hats that are found at the dollar store. I do like Christmas earrings and bracelets.
On Christmas day pull out your best winter looks, the fierce jewelry, beautiful dresses or a jump suit and let’s not try to recreate the Lady Gaga Christmas tree look.
I love to see a man in a good looking sports jacket perhaps in black or burgundy velvet.
Ladies and gents don’t forget to put on a beautiful shoe or boot. If you are going visiting don’t forget a small hostess gift, purchase several boxes of candy or pick up bottles of your favorite wine and do a signature gift wrap. Look well and bear gifts,
Have a Merry Christmas.


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