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This is the time of year that I often think about my favorite things. I’m sure the thoughts were recently driven by the “live” version of the “Sound of Music.” I had forgotten that this was a part of the “Sound of Music” soundtrack. I really enjoyed that movie.
My list of favorite things has not changed much and those of you who know me well, often remind me of some of my favorites when you see me behind the camera. Yes, I still love McDonald’s French Fries with Heinz Ketchup; did I hear somewhere that one of the fast food restaurants was going to stop using Heinz Ketchup? Please say it isn’t so. I noticed when driving by Wendy’s that they proudly display that they use Heinz Ketchup. Don’t tell me I will have to start keeping a bottle of Heinz Ketchup in my purse or in the glove box. It makes me think about the women I used to see pulling a bottle of hot sauce out of their purses at  Sweet William’s in East Hills years ago.
I love beautiful clothes at a great price and shoes that fit. Why have so many shoe stores gotten away from making narrow shoes? So many shoe stores are proud to advertise that they carry wide shoes; why not something for the slim foot? When you find a narrow shoe it is typically made for a matron or outrageously expensive, I don’t want to spend a car note or a mortgage payment on a pair of shoes.

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