Fashion Watch: Best looks for 2013

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson

There were a lot of looks that attracted our attention in 2013.  That Burberry coat worn by Olivia Pope in Scandal, the short haircut on Beyoncé, and the barely there looks worn or not worn by Miley Cyrus.
But what did we like best?
How about the short haircut sported by Jennifer Hudson. The jury is still out on whether that is her own locks cut short or a short weave. Nonetheless the lock is sleek and fashion forward and we hope to see more of it.
The look might be a way to get ladies to wear their own hair and not be so anxious to weave hair onto their own healthy hair.
2013 was also the year of embracing natural hair styles like afros, braids and twists.
We also loved the natural look in makeup. That is always such a contradiction, putting on makeup so it looks like you really don’t have on much at all.
Just like in years gone past we saw that there is not much new under the sun as far as fashion everything old is once new again.
Fashion is fun enjoy it and have a wonderful New Year.


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