Inside Conditions…Birds of Pray


Hey, I am very serious about these next few sentences because I do not, will not, cannot, hope not, to ever, ever, ever, take or speak the word or the name of God in vain, ever. However, I must say this because as the old gospel song says; “I just can’t keep it to myself.”
There are a few aspects to the game of professional football, especially the NFL brand of football and particularly the 2013 postseason including the AFC and NFC title matchups, the Denver Broncos versus the New England Patriots representing the AFC and the Seattle Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers.  I hope to share a few tidbits that I have gathered  in order to receive insight from you and a clarity for me.
First and foremost lets chat about San Francisco and Seattle.  From the outset the Seahawks seemed to resemble “birds of prayer” rather than “birds of prey.” On the first offensive play of the game Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was sacked and stripped of the ball giving the “Niners” the ball at the Seahawks 15 yard line.  One could have assumed that this would have been the beginning of the end for the “Hawks” but San Francisco could only muster up 8 yards and had to settle for a Phil Dawson field goal.  Little did anyone realize that bit of “red zone” incompetence would not only come back to bite the 49ers, it came back to maul them.

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