Consensus Freshman All American.

Currently the 13th all time leading rebounder in NCAA history.

Pan American gold medalist.  (Oh, by the way, the coach for that team . . . Bobby Knight.)

And just as a sidebar, a 15 year NFL career after only playing high school football.  No college!

*C’mon Man!!

:09  For those of you slow readers, aka all City League graduates (Aww c’mon, ya know I’m just kidding. I love some of you city people) anyway, football season is over so I am no longer in “My Spot” at Heinz Field, but I am at a new spot at “The Pete.”  Don’t ask where.  If I tell ya, I’ll have to kill ya! But here’s what you need to know about “The Pete.” Not a bad seat in the house. The student section, aka “The Zoo,” is off the charts. Something constantly going on for all ages. Family friendly operation and great staff. (OK, that’s enough kissing up. I should be good for a couple more games.)

:08 Pitt and Virginia in an old school defensive thug fest.  A good game none the less with eight minutes on the clock. I expect Pitt to squeak out a win. Yeah, I know, I had Pitt over Duke by six. Shut-up about it!

:07 Trust me on this, Lamar Patterson has all the necessary skills and will get drafted, being ACC Player of the Year will help decide when he will go. 6’5,” can shoot, can handle, can run the floor, can “D”-up and can really, really pass the rock.

:06 I know, you know, everybody knows and loves James Robinson and you can’t discount his nation leading assists to turnover ratio. But I would love it if he were a little more selfish and think score just a little more. And with that mindset, get to the foul line a lot more.

:05 Speaking of scoring, and I was, Artis has no trouble doing that. Word has it he has defensive problems. That said, I’d find a way to cover for him and keep him on the floor.

:04 While we’re at it, let’s be clear about something. I said it before and I’ll say it again. There are not 21 teams in the United States better than Pitt.

:03 You know I always come clean.  Games over and Pitt lost by three at the buzzer. The good news for Pitt, my losing streak is worse than theirs.

:02 Everybody step back. Take a deep breath…just relax people! They call it “The Road to the Final Four” for a reason.

This is a process.  It’s about ongoing improvement. Getting better down the stretch. Don’t worry, we’ll be at the dance…I don’t know how long we’ll dance, but we’ll dance.

:01 Attention, Alert, Bulletin, Shout-out, Hey you…Whatever! everybody hear this loud and clear, the most beautiful stat girls in college basketball are at Pitt.  Trust me on this.  I’ve been around. (Yeah, I said it.  All the other media guys are thinking it, but I’m the only one with the heart to say it. You’re welcome!) Hey, I’m old, I ain’t dead!


Get ready for it. The retire Clancy’s # campaign is on!! Get on the wagon while you can. Call your local sport shows and talk it up.



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