Public safety director announces preparations for St. Patrick's Day Parade

Vice President Biden greets people as he walks in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Pittsburgh March 17, 2012.. (AP Photo/John Heller/File)

People encouraged to act responsibly to ensure family-friendly, safe celebration
PITTSBURGH, PA – In order to ensure a safe celebration of the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and festivities, the City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Department wants to inform the public of street closures and the details regarding the day’s planned activities.
Public Safety Director Mike Huss said, “The City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Department and all supporting agencies are committed to making sure that those citizens coming out to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day can do so in a family-friendly atmosphere that will be violence free. I encourage everyone to act responsibly throughout the day.”
Enforcement will be coordinated among city, county and state law enforcement agencies. Roving patrols will include mounted officers, motorcycle officers, bike patrols & plain clothes officers.
On Saturday, March 15, the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade will close several streets and again include an Irish Festival in Market Square. The South Side business district along East Carson Street is also expecting a large contingent of revelers.
The parade begins at 10 a.m. at the intersection of Liberty and 11th avenues. The procession will continue along Liberty Avenue to Grant Street, Grant Street to the Boulevard of the Allies, and end at the reviewing stand near the intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies and Stanwix Street.
The following streets will be closed and all posted no parking after 7 a.m. The parade route streets will close at 9:30 a.m. and will reopen after the parade:
·               Liberty Ave between 28th St and 11th St
·               27th St between Liberty & Penn
·               26th St between Liberty & Penn
·               25th St between Liberty & Penn
·               24th St between Liberty & Penn
·               23rd St between Liberty & Penn
·               22nd St between Liberty & Penn
·               21st St between Liberty & Penn
·               20th St between Liberty & Penn
·               17th St between Liberty & Penn
·               16th St between Liberty & Penn
·               14th St between Liberty & Penn
·               12th St between Liberty & Penn
·               11th St between Liberty & Penn
·               Grant Street between 11th & Blvd. of the Allies.
·               Blvd. of the Allies between Grant Street & Commonwealth Place.
·               Liberty Ave. (east & west bound-both sides).
·               Commonwealth Place between Ft. Pitt & Ft. Duquesne boulevards (both sides)
·               Ft Pitt Blvd. between Wood and Stanwix
·               Forbes Ave between Wood & Stanwix
·               Market Square (will remain closed until after Irish Festival, approximately 6-8 p.m. depending on cleanup)
·               Market Street
·               Graeme Way (open for residents)
·               Delray
Market Square will be closed as follows:
·               1:30 pm Forbes Ave between Wood & Stanwix
·               Graeme Way
·               Market St
·               McMasters Way – access only granted to garage
·               Delray between Liberty & Fourth
Market Square roads reopen at 6 p.m. once patrons have cleared from area.
Additional Info:
·               No open containers are permitted on parade route – officers and LCE will enforce open container law
·               Open container law will be enforced in Market Square until 2 p.m. Open containers will be permitted from 2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
·               All patrons going to Market Square after 2 p.m. will be required to enter through a controlled entrance. No glass bottles/cans or alcohol is permitted to be brought into or taken outside of the Square
·               All patrons wishing to drink during the allowed hours (2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.) will be required to provide ID at one of the four carding stations and will receive a hand stamp & wrist band.  If you do not have a stamp/wristband – you will not be permitted to purchase alcohol.
·               Police & LCE will be in the Square enforcing drinking laws (underage drinking, serving minors, etc.)
·               Last call is at 5:30 p.m. and the streets of the Square will be cleared and opened up at 6 p.m.
·               Parking violators in the parade route or where signs are posted will be ticketed and towed at
·               Barricades and fencing will be set up at in various locations. Violators of parking and/or breaching those barriers will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense.
·               Public Safety personal will be stationed strategically along the parade route for any emergencies.
·               No coolers are permitted in Market Square
·               No pets are permitted in Market Square unless they are assistant animals.
·               No glass bottles are permitted in Market Square. Beverages will be served in plastic cups or cans.  Anyone in violation will be told to leave Market Square and dispose of glass container in the trash.
·               No vehicles except emergency vehicles will be permitted in Market Square.
·               There will be roving DUI checkpoints throughout the City.  Officers will also be targeting people with open containers of alcoholic beverages. Violators will be cited.
·               Checkpoints, roving patrols, undercover officers will be in effect.
·               If anyone observes an intoxicated driver, they are urged to call 911 with a description of the person, vehicle and direction of travel.
·               There will be uniformed and plainclothes officers patrolling and enforcing public intoxication and public urination violators.
·               Disorderly behavior will not be tolerated and violators may be subject to citations and/or physical arrests.
Tips for impaired drivers:
·               Designate a sober driver and do not let friends drive while impaired.
·               If you are impaired, call a taxi or a responsible sober family member or friend to transport you home safely.
·               Always buckle up.
·               For more information about specific to the South Side, follow this link:
·               Arrive early and be patient. The use of mass transit, parking structures and open surface lots is recommended.
·               There will be shuttle service between the Second Avenue Garage and Southside.
·               The Pittsburgh Transportation Group will offer shuttle bus service at Pittsburgh Parking Authority Second Avenue parking lot across Tenth Street Bridge via Muriel, Wharton, 18th and East Carson Streets to South Side Works and back continuously.
Any vehicles cited and towed by the City will go to McGann & Chester Towing located at 700 Hargrove St., Pittsburgh, PA 15226. The phone number is 412-381-9400.

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