Sincere working to be next local hip-hopper to strike it BIG


The latest project from Certified Muzik Entertainment hip-hop artist Chris “Sincere” Bush is “4 Wallz & a Mic.”
The title, he says, symbolizes having nothing but you and the tools needed to make your dreams come true. The overall feel of the project is the underdog rising to the top. Sincere wanted to capture the feeling of ambition, frustration, awareness, and motivation because the struggle is something everyone can relate to.
“My music is music mainstream, militant, pop and gangsta rap. I’m a lyrical artist so I have the ability to switch vibes and flows, but I like to touch on relevant issues and topics that are both worldwide and close to home. Police brutality, teenage pregnancy, drug awareness are topics most rappers don’t mention and this is my comfort zone. I also can make club songs that make you forget about those issues while the track is playing because being well rounded is important in this game,” Sincere said.
Music chose him and it was a natural talent that progressed when he heard music. He connected with the words that came to his head, but the hard part is writing them down in time, he said.
“I chose to become a rapper because I look at music as an outlet for change,” he explained. “When an artist has enough of a following it puts them in a position to make a lot of positive changes. I want to be someone who is known for changing things and raising awareness for the betterment of the people. Most rappers don’t take advantage of that. The last one I can think of is Tupac Shakur.
“My advice for anyone trying to get into the game is to have a solid team that you can trust because you can’t do everything yourself no matter who you are. You need a strong team behind you, whether it’s family or management, you need a team. I’ve been at this for years and music is something I’ve taken serious from day one.”
His thoughts on the current state of hip-hop music are not too good.
“It’s terrible! I feel the fans need to raise their standards and demand more from the artist. Fans have accepted minimal effort from artist for so long that it’s become the norm,” he continued.
“They are paying to support artists that have no true respect for the craft. Most just talk about cars and money and the person listening to their music will probably never have cars and the amount money they are talking about and they can’t relate, but that’s about as deep in content as it gets. There is more to the world than those things. The game is terrible right now.”
In five years he plans on being deeper in the music industry, signed and maybe starting a family, but only God knows.
“I have the talent to take me anywhere just working on getting next to the right person. I’m currently working on a new studio project that’s gonna be dope. I got some good features on the project that will shock people. I’m just going to continue to make good music that’s relevant to what is going on and that people can relate to.”
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