Transcending from good to great in business


As small business owners, we have the tendency to dock on an island by ourselves. Connection to other business owners is not only healthy, but productive. Seek others that share your same forward thinking and level of success to bounce around ideas. Join a mastermind group, hire a business coach or interact with those in your network to create a strategy for excellence and build a community of thought leaders.

I believe competition among business owners is an attitude of lack of inferiority. There are so many people on this planet to market your services to online and offline. But I do; however, believe every business should have a competitive edge — the desire to be the greatest at whatever they do. One of the first questions I ask new clients is, “okay, that’s great but what makes you different?” During our process together, creating that competitive edge is a part of our first official business.

Greatness is attainable for anyone that sets their mind on course. Make a list of every product and service you offer and next to each item, write down ways to improve every area in your business. Read customer praise and complaints to measure your customer relations success. Take what is currently working in your business and/or generating the most income and upgrade that concept.


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