:10—Look, I am in Kentucky, so I know what I am talking about here. The Wildcats will beat the Huskies in the NCAA Championship. Take It To The Bank!
:09—Here are the award winners for the Night of the Champions event held at the Rivers Casino on March 29, Here’s your Top 10:
Losers Award—You and everybody like you that didn’t show up…especially those of you that had free tickets…yes, you Courier people!
Best Hair—Lorraine Turner. It wasn’t even close.
Best Wobble-Wobble—All the ladies on the dance floor.
Best Legend—Never mind, the Super Bowl Steelers. Sly Jock wins this…He’s still the man…man!
Best Looking Women—Every man that was there knows, trust me.
Best Looking Man—Who cares!
Best Late Comer—Jen and Tim…who else?
Best sponsors—Highmark, New Pittsburgh Courier, Penn Avenue McDonald’s, NFL Alumni Association
Best Host—The Rivers Casino…Big Time!
???—Trust me, every man that was there knows!!!


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