Just Sayin’…Passage of Land Banking bill is a good thing, I think?


After several community meetings throughout the city dealing with the new Land Banking law, City Council passed a much-improved version 8-1, thanks to Rev. Ricky Burgess.
Reverend Burgess’ fear was that a law would be passed in which, once again, White speculators working with the mayor and White City Council members, would move into the Black community and divvy it up, with Blacks either moved out or not included in any of the decisions–or even more importantly, not involved when it comes to divvying up the money,  houses or businesses in their community.
The two lead City Council members on this bill were White members from well-to-do areas, which was a mistake by the new mayor. He should have had one of the Black members co-sponsor the bill instead of trying to push a bill through which affected them the most, without their input.
The new law, with the many amendments, apparently does that.
I agree with everyone on this one, which is scary. I think Rev. Burgess and Danny Lavelle are right in protecting the interest of the Black and low-income communities, but I also think the mayor is right in trying to come up with something else to help rebuild the city, especially the inner city, because the current system isn’t working.

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