Governor's slight change in stance regarding medical marijuana misses the mark


I am writing in response to the Governor’s slight change in stance regarding Medical Marijuana in PA. Although this is great news for the movement, it is sadly missing the mark of what we truly want. I am speaking as Veteran with several mental / mood disorders and was diagnosed with MS this past Christmas.

As someone who has offered my life to my state and country, I do feel entitled to therapy of my choosing. If the VA is going to dish out pills which make soldiers, facing a rough time already, think thoughts even more depressing and suicidal than without the drugs, how is this safe? The Veteran suicide rate is alarming at an on average 22 reported suicides by veterans PER DAY. This number is disgusting to me. In March of 2014 there were ZERO combat related casualties. That could not be said about Vet-suicides. If our government wants to say “What would this look like to our children? What type of message would that send?”- my response to that is, What type of message is NOT helping sick people sending? The kids of today have violence in their face all day long; video games, movies, TV.. Guns, Drugs, Sex, Violence, these are this generation of young peoples commonplace. This is not the 50’s and our policies should reflect that.

Now, I understand Cannabis may not be the “cure all” but when FDA approved drugs don’t work or stop working because of human tolerance, what’s next??

PA must take a progressive stance on this issue to help the hundreds of thousands of patients, like myself, Corbett is dismissing. How can he say that “these diseases are worse than those, so these I’ll allow help, those: NO WAY!” I didn’t realize that we had Dr. Tom Corbett, Phd. as our dual-role Governor / Physician. We need some compassion from Harrisburg and we need it now!

What do we want?! REFORM!!!
When do we want it?! NOW!!!

Thank You,

Joseph Mirt
PAARNG C/Co. 1/103 Eng Bn.

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