Lifestyles Report…Loose lips sink ships and a basketball team

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano
V. Stiviano  (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok, File)

Deejay queue the music “The Big Payback” and don’t stop playing it until I tell you. This column needs a sound track. I’m falling out of my chair, the more I listen to this ridiculous mess about the Clippers owner. Can you believe that an extramarital affair has caused so much trouble? What does NeNe Leakes say? “Keep your legs closed to married men.” The more I looked at this story it had to be a plan from the jump.
I’ve been looking at some of V. Stiviano’s pictures on the Internet, did you know she is friends with Karrine Steffans a.k.a. the Video Vixen?
Karrine Steffans

Stiviano posed for a photo with Steffans, author of “Confessions of a Video Vixen” and Bill Maher’s ex-girlfriend, and tagged her in other photos on Instagram. Did you see the interview with Steffans?
She explained that she did not know how that recording could have happened. I also got the impression that the two might live together. It was very odd. I believe the two are in cahoots.
Steffans says V. Stiviano has worked for Donald Sterling for several years as part of the Clippers organization. “She has been his right hand,” Steffans told FOX411. “She has been privy to not just his professional comings and goings but his personal. They do have a very close relationship. They have been very loving toward each other. They have been kind toward each other until most, most recently.” Steffans said Stiviano also “did work with his non-profitable organizations as well. V. Stiviano does a lot of things, anything she can do to help the people she cares about.”
Why would V. Stiviano do something like this? Reportedly the Sterling family is suing Stiviano for allegedly embezzling more than $1.8 million, and Sterling’s estranged wife Rochelle is suing the woman in an effort to recover lavish gifts her husband gave to Stiviano without her knowledge. That includes a $1.8 million home, a 2012 Ferrari, two Bentleys and a 2013 Range Rover.
Change the music Mr. Deejay, play “Stand by Your Man,” the Dolly Parton version.  Stiviano likes nice stuff and likes to post pictures with her big Hermes and Chanel handbags. And this is no surprise she might be looking for a book deal. Mr. Deejay play it loud, “She aint’ nothing but a gold digger…” turn it up.  Now everyone is claiming to have a connection with V, the bishop Don Juan has posted a picture with her and says he has hung out with her and Sterling.

You might be saying who is Bishop Don Juan? He is that pimp turned reality star that hangs out with Snoop Dogg, the one is the nasty green suit and green pimp hat. It looks like this chick likes to hang out with the rich and nasty. On a few sites it was even questioned if she was really a woman. It does look like she has had some plastic surgery to the face and the lips. All I know is this is juicy stuff and I like it better than reality TV.
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