Just Sayin’…The Sterling saga continues


First of all how can a phone conversation be made public and broadcast all over the Internet without the consent of the two people involved agreeing to it? I understand that V. Stiviano agreed because she’s the one who most believe put it out there. But I thought taping phone conversations and playing them back in public was illegal.
After watching part of the interviews V gave, especially the Barbara Walters interview, she indicated that she wasn’t the one who released the tape, and that she has a collection of tapes of the two, that she indicated Sterling knew about and had no problem with her taping their conversations. And the tapes were part of some Internet thing she’s involved in.  I don’t have a clue what this is, and does this exempt the privacy laws? The Barbara Walters interview should be very interesting; I only saw a clip from it on Face the Nation. Maybe it will clarify some things.
I know some smart person is going to help me with this one.
I agree 100 percent with the punishment. And for those of you who don’t think the league can force Sterling to sell, well just wait until after the playoffs and the owners vote. He’s out of there. Twenty-two of the 30 owners have to vote yes to force him to sell his shares in the team. I don’t think any owner in his right mind would vote no with 75 to 90 percent of his employees being Black.

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