Overtime…'Spurs' are coming to get 'The Heat'


:10—You know most of the time, no scratch that, all of the time, you people…that’s right, I said it.  “You People!” Don’t think I know what I’m talking about.  Well, lookie, lookie, at who’s playing in the NBA Championship. “The Spurs” are coming to get “The Heat”  just like I told ya two months ago. The Spurs over The Heat in six.  Take it to the bank!
:09—Two of the best of all time are doing their basketball thing and in a big way.  Gerald     “Scoot” Warrick home for a minute from his first run with the Harlem Wizards international basketball team and Gerald “G-Money” Brooks running basketball programs here in “The Burg,” two great guys doing great things.  Congratulations fellas…and I’m not surprised! More on these guys later.
:08—I’m truly amazed that you want to give up on the Pirates so soon. I told you it’s just a matter of time until they adjust to the league adjusting to them.

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