Avoid these 10 things to prevent getting breast cancer

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Every year, 40,000 women die from breast cancer. One in eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. The question all women want to know is whether or not it is preventable, and what women can do to avoid this potentially deadly disease. The answer is YES, it can be prevented.
90 Percent of breast cancer can be prevented
Like other types of cancer, breast cancer can be triggered by carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents. In fact, about 90 percent of them are preventable. The biggest culprits include chemicals that are found everywhere in our environment. Here are just 10 to watch out for. Don’t worry about trying to pronounce them; just avoid them.
Flame-retardant chemicals – the chemical that is supposed to protect us from catching on fire may end up killing us in another way. Flame-retardant chemicals are in bedding, mattresses, furniture and draperies. They build up in our environment, surround us in our homes and invade our bodies.
Stain-resistant coatings – avoid them. They contain a chemical called PFOA. Look for it in non-stick cookware, protective coatings on rugs and furniture, and even in cosmetics.
Styrene – if you’re into crafts, styrene is the chemical found in tons of craft supplies. It’s also in many building products. Don’t drink coffee or anything else from a styrofoam cup either because it contains styrene.
Watch that hair spray – the stuff that propels the spray into the air contains a dangerous chemical called halogenated organic solvents, the same chemical found in paint and spot removers.
Think twice about those french fries – french fries and other foods cooked at high temperature contain acrylamide. It’s also in diet food. And yes, this is the same chemical found in tobacco smoke.
Hormones – ask your doctor if you are on pharmaceutical hormones. If they are man-made hormones, they probably contain cancer-causing chemicals. Examples include estrogen and progesterone pharmaceutical products.
Antiperspirants and cosmetics – many contain a chemical called parabens which can increase your risk of breast cancer.
Benzene – this chemical is found in gasoline, paints, and adhesive removers, so be sure to store these products in a safe place away from where you live. Protect yourself from gasoline fumes if you pump your own gas.
Heterocyclic amines – this is the chemical found in meat cooked at high temperatures, and it’s the same chemical found in tobacco smoke.
Chemicals from smoking – don’t smoke! Cigarette smoke contains a concentration of so many dangerous chemicals, such as PAH, butadiene (as in industrial toxins), and several of the ones already mentioned above, all rolled up into one lethal cigarette.
The bottom line
The bottom line is that women can do much to protect themselves from breast cancer by educating themselves on what chemicals are the most dangerous, reading labels and asking questions, and staying informed in order to prevent any unnecessary risk factors for getting breast cancer.
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