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• Sorry I missed you last week, but I was so busy celebrating the Old School butt whooping “The Spurs” put on “The Heat” that I lost all track of time.  Having said that, it’s time for Mike Booker, Myron Brown, Dwayne Woodruff, Fred Crawford, Kevin Cameron and my dad to pick up the phone, man up and call me.  C’mon fellas, where’s the love?  Well one thing for sure, it’s not in Miami!
• Attention . . . Attention . . . Attention!!!  How would you like to have a brand new house in Penn Hills for only $500 and a phone call?  Sure ya would and here’s how – primer, paint, brushes, etc. inside and out = $200 – lawn mower = $100 – plants, shrubs and stuff = $100 – garbage bags, Mr. Clean, Lysol, Windex, Febreze, light bulbs, hammer and nails and super glue = $100.  Take one weekend and get you and the rest of your clan’s lazy butts off the c ouch and use all the stuff you just bought.  Then you call the Goodwill to come get that wreck out your front yard that will never, never, ever run again (and they’ll come get it for free) and wa-la, you got yourself a brand new house.  C’mon people, step up your game . . . I’m just sayin!
• Everybody in the USA is now into the World Cup huh?  But five years ago you wouldn’t pay 50 cents to watch a soccer game and most of you men weren’t going to let your sons play because you thought it was a sissy sport.  You people . . . you people!
• Derek Jeter is 40 years old and still playing.  Whatever they want to give him at away games, he deserves.  Now shut up about it.
• Best movie of the year – “Think Like a Man Too.”  Run, don’t walk to see it!
• Steelers go to camp in six weeks.  Let’s get ready to rumble.
• Pat Riley doesn’t want LeBron to leave.  Says it’s the scared thing to do, to just run away is not what champions do.  Meanwhile, he ran from the Lakers to the Knicks to The Heat in a New York minute and never looked back.
• Do – Not – Miss – The – Great – White – Party, aka First Friday Fantasy, Friday, July 4th at Brewstone in Monroeville.  8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. – 35 and over – free parking – $10 at the door – prize for best dressed white outfit – BYOB – cash kitchen till 12:00 midnight – 50/50 and special car cruise brought to you by The United Rays Corvette Club with special guest Turning Corners, Inc. and the Dancing Machine Roland Ford.  Call (412) 628-4856 or (412) 287-8610 for more information.
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