Overtime…LeBron, please do the smart thing. Go back to Cleveland


:10—The first thing you need to know is this. If you were coming to the White Par-Tay last Friday…aka First Friday Fantasy, 4th of July White Party…and you found the joint locked up, you have to know by now what happened. Brewstone got padlocked for not paying their liquor tax to the tune of $65,000. That’s a serious song boys and girls, through no fault of Achieving Greatness, The United Rays Corvette Club and Turning Corners. To make matters worse, we were never called or informed in anyway of the shut down.  As a matter of fact, their staff was shut out too!  But if you’ve been around even a little bit, you know that “they” will do that, come back under a new name, and keep on truckin’ like nothing ever happened.
:09—The second thing you need to know is this…“Nobody gives me my guns and tells me to ride!”  (James Coburn – Magnificent Seven 1964…but you knew that). We will return Friday, Aug. 1 for the next First Friday Fantasy and All White again. Location to be announced. Stay tuned.
:08—LeBron, please do the smart thing.  Go back to Cleveland. Take the city to its first championship in any sport since 19-whatever and you will go down in history as the 3rd greatest of all time.  (Come on people.  Nothing changes.  It’s still Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan).


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